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How Your Small Local Business Can Get More Customers On The Internet

Tim and Dennis Burns run a small family owned company in Dover, N.H. with 12 employees and install security, fire alarm, and sprinkler systems in a small area around New Hampshire’s seacoast.

Not too long ago, Tim and his father Dennis weren’t very happy about the miserable results they were getting from their company website.

As Tim bluntly put it… “Our website sucked, and we didn’t really know how to make it work better. That is…until we hired Merrill to give us some website marketing recommendations and to implement them.”

The right information + compelling web copy
= Website success

“The next thing we know – we went from getting less than 10 visitors a month and zero prospects from our website, to almost 300 visitors per month and noticeably more calls from interested prospects. That’s the difference Merrill’s web and SEO copy made on our new site.”.

“Now our website regularly gets people to contact us for quotes and more information about our products and services, and the copy on our site persuades people to call us instead of our competitors, we’re happy campers. There’s no doubt our website’s success comes from the information in Merrill’s new book.
Tim Burns, D.M Burns Security – Dover, NH.

“Using Merrill’s techniques in my monthly e-newsletter, within 24 hours I got the biggest response I’ve ever got in 8 years. Sales have increased, with significant growth in my business. I recommend Merrill’s book to anyone who is serious about increasing the awareness of their product or service on the internet, or even within their own client base.”
Lynne Ganley, Executive National Vice President & Independent Consultant, Arbonne International

Dear small business professional…

Wouldn’t you like to know how Burns Security, a small local business now gets over 30 times more interested leads from their website than they used to?

It’s no secret that the survival of many small businesses, independent sales professionals, as well as many other types of organizations depend on generating profits from sales to customers in their local communities.

Whether you’re a small security company like D.M. Burns Security, lawyer, a CPA, a restaurant owner, a dry cleaner, an insurance broker, a retail store, a small manufacturer, or a non-profit group, you’ll find over 25 proven and practical online marketing ideas that will increase your chances of success.


Most small business owners just don’t know how to effectively use the massive power of the Internet to grow their business on a local level, or where to turn to get the help they desperately need.

One option many start with is hiring a pricey marketing consultant to get advice about promoting your business online. But frankly, most consultants don’t have direct response marketing experience, online marketing experience, or copywriting experience…so they just tell you… “Get your name out there” – “Build your image” – “Create a beautiful website”, and on and on.

But what they don’t tell you, and what you desperately need to know is… How to generate more leads online, then persuade more of those prospects to call you.

Do you have a nice looking website, but you
never get any leads or customers from it?

Unfortunately, if the consultant doesn’t understand people’s online behavior, this route can cost you big time! You can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and not get one cent in return, except for maybe a stunning website that nobody can find, or if they do, doesn’t persuade them to contact your business.

You also might choose to a) try to do everything yourself without having any idea of what you’re doing, or b) do absolutely nothing, and hoping things will magically change.

The perfect answer to your online marketing efforts

But now you have better choice, one which makes perfect sense.
And the best part is you only have to spend a few bucks ($24.95 to be exact) to pick up a copy of my new book titled How Your Small Local Business Can Get More Customers on the Internet.

In it, you’ll get solid online marketing advice you can use yourself, or you can even use it to critique and fix your own website or online marketing materials.

Inside, you’ll discover…

  • What you must know in order for your online marketing to work
  • 3 ways to improve your search rankings
  • How to get instant traffic to your website
  • What word to never use in your web page headlines
  • Why you must track and test results
  • Power of blogs
  • 7 ways to promote your website offline
  • Free online techniques to promote your business (hint… it’s not your website)

Order right now and get a valuable bonus worth $39
written by a best-selling author for free!


Recession-Proofing Your Website: Eight Steps to Reduce Costs and Increase Website  Effectiveness. This eye-opening PDF report written by best-selling author and consultant Roger C. Parker shows managers, webmasters, and designers how to work together to simultaneously reduce costs and improve Web site productivity, accomplishing more with less.

Business owners want help marketing their business

You see, I’ve been writing persuasive direct response sales copy (copy that persuades someone to take a specific action and allows you to track the response) online and offline, including web copy, copy that’s optimized for search engines, email copy, and other media for over 5 years. And it has been very profitable for my clients (see some of my happy camper’s quotes in the left sidebar).

Here’s what I found that most of my small business clients had been looking for…

  • Practical and useful online marketing tactics
  • Help figuring out what your prospects are looking for
  • Low cost advice
  • An easy-to-follow and understand roadmap
  • And Internet marketing techniques proven to work

This new book targets small business owners just like you, and provides tons of useful advice that’s easy to  read and understand. (I tried not to be too technical)

Inside How Your Small Local Business Can Get More Customers on the Internet, you’ll also find:

  • The secrets to a website that gets more leads and customers than ever (and no…it’s not how nice and professional it looks)
  • How to make sure your business gets found online
  • Why e-mail marketing is the easiest way to build a business
  • How to save time by automating follow-up with prospects & customers
  • How to get more business with blogs and Social Media

Even the playing field against even your biggest competitors

How Your Small Local Business Can Get More Customers on the Internet provides specific, actionable steps letting small business owners take their online marketing strategy to the next level, which will level the playing field of even your biggest competitors.

Heck – you can even use the ideas in this book as a handy checklist to make sure your website and email copy is up to snuff!

So if you want your small business or organization to harness the power of marketing on the Internet to increase sales and profitability by generating new prospects who are interested in your products and services, and to convert them into new paying clients…

Oh yea… before I forget… as a business professional, I’m sure you’ll be interested in this (but only if you want to discover the new economy rules of attracting new customers). It’s a free report titled:

The New Profit Rules: 8 Profit rules every business owner must know now to prosper in this economy.  Written by highly-respected marketing expert Charlie Cook from Marketing For Success, this PDF report has almost 60 pages jam-packed with marketing advice that will help you survive and even thrive in this economy, even while your competitors are putting padlocks on the doors.

To your online marketing success!

Merrill R. Clark
Direct Response Web & SEO Copywriter

P.S. Don’t forget – Order How Your Small Local Business Can Get More Customers on the Internet today and get your valuable bonus for free!

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